The Society is now closed and sadly cannot accept new members, but new artists interested in joining a Society for Miniature Art can go to the following Societies and apply for membership.

Join The Hilliard Society of Miniaturists

How to Join The Royal Miniature Society 

In the past to join the Limners as a full artist member the prospective member will need to submit 4 miniatures which will be viewed by the council which meets at least twice a year. Only if all four are acceptable can an artist be admitted.  

If an artist wishes to submit four miniatures then they must contact the Members Secretary Pam Mayne who will then send them the joining form with the necessary information to qualify for membership – those wishing to have miniatures considered have to pay £10.

Successful applicants receive a certificate of membership and are immediately entitled to exhibit and to use the Society letters after their name. Once the artist has been accepted they can immediately join by going to our Joining Form below.

The Society also has a category for friends, who may be artists who are still working towards the standard required for full membership or simply supporters of the Society. All are made welcome and receive a members’ newsletter. Residential painting weekends and occasional seminars are held at various venues, currently Horsley Park, East Horsley, Surrey. Subject to available space, non-members are welcome to join members and friends at these popular events.

The current annual subscriptions are:-

Full UK Membership £45.00 till 2019

Full UK Membership (from 2019) £50

Friend UK Membership £25.00

Full Overseas Membership £55.00

Friend Overseas Membership £35.00

Friend Joining Form

Representing and Promoting Miniaturists and Calligraphers