Council Members

Founded by: the late Elizabeth Davys Wood MBE


Patron: Elizabeth Meek MBE, PPRMS, PPSWA, HS, FRSA

President: Pauline Denyer-Baker RCA, RMS, SLm, HS, MAA, MASF

George Simpson

Vice-President: George Simpson VPSLm, RMS, HS

Amanda Laman

Chairman & Treasurer: Amanda Laman DipSlmHons

Pamela Mayne

Membership Secretary: Pamela Mayne DipSlmHons

Minutes Secretary – Margaret Pearson SLm

Additional Council Members

Mignon Longbone

Mignon Longbone

Angela Whyte

Angela Whyte

Jennifer Forrester

Anita Foster

Heather Ashby

Administrator: Contact email:


Representing and Promoting Miniaturists and Calligraphers